China: Wuhan, Wudang & More – 9D7N

Travel Locations: China, Jingzhou, Shennongjia, Wudang, Wuhan, Xiangyang

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province, China, and is the most populous city in Central China. It lies in the eastern Jianghan Plain at the intersection of the middle reaches of the Yangtze and Hanrivers. Arising out of the conglomeration of three cities, Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang, Wuhan is known as “Jiusheng Tongqu (the nine provinces’ leading thoroughfare)”; it is a major transportation hub, with dozens of railways, roads and expressways passing through the city and connecting to other major cities. Because of its key role in domestic transportation, Wuhan was sometimes referred to as “the Chicago of China” by foreign sources.


Day 1: Arrive Wuhan

Day 2: Wuhan – Jingzhou – Yichang

  • City Wall (Outlook)
  • Jingzhou Museum (Monday closed)
  • Yichang CBD

Day 3: Yichang – Shennongjia 

  • Shen Nong Altar
  • Tian Sheng Bridge

Day 4: Shennongjia – Wudang

  • Shennongjia National Natural Reserve, including
  • Shennong Valley
  • Slate Rock
  • Top of Shennong
  • Little Longtan

Day 5: Wudang

  • JinDin (Include Cable Car)
  • TaiZiPo
  • South Rock Palace
  • ZiXiao Palace

Day 6: Wudang – Xiangyang – Xiaogan

  • Yu XuGong
  • Xiangyang City Wall
  • Xiangyang Moat

Day 7: Xiaogan – Wuhan

  • Jin Hui Manor
  • Dong Yong Park
  • Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street
  • Beach Park

Day 8 : Wudang

  • Yellow Crane Tower
  • Donghu Tingtao Scenic Park (exclude buggy)
  • Wuchang Uprising Memorial Hall
  • Yangtze River Bridge
  • Hubu Aley Food Street

Day 9 : Arrive Kuala Lumpur

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