Indonesia: Medan, Parapat & Brastagi – 4D3N

Travel Locations: Brastagi, Indonesia, Medan, Parapat


Medan is the fourth largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung. With a population of about 2 million people it is the largest city outside of Java. There is no single ethnic group forming a majority; the largest ethnic groups are the Chinese, Javanese, Toba-Batak, Minangkabau, Mandailing Batak, Karo Batak, Southern Indians, and Northern Indians, and there are many more ethnic minorities.


Each ethnic group contributes to thousands of tasty, mouth-watering dishes found in every corner of Medan. They offer to locals and tourists alike dozens of food streets and hawker centres to suit their appetite at any time of the day. From the sweet Javanese cuisine, to delicious Batak grilled pork, to hot Padang dishes, from savoury Chinese noodles, to spicy Indian curry, this varied cuisine is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is obvious why the locals are so into food. The city itself is quite well known for “food-tourism”, especially amongst other Indonesians.

It’s interesting to contrast the old, Dutch style green areas, with parks, lawns, and huge old Dutch houses (now turned into government offices or commercial business) and the hundreds and hundreds of newer, shoddy shophouses sprawled together by the hundreds in the commercial areas along with a few modern style malls.


Day 1: Arrival Medan – Parapat

  • Local product shop

Day 2: Parapat – Brastagi

  • Lake Toba + Samosir Island (Include Round-Trip Boat Ride)
  • Tomok
  • Ambarita
  • Longhouse (Drive through)
  • Sipiso Piso Falls

Day 3: Brastagi – Medan

  • Brastagi Highland
  • Local fruit market
  • Batik Shop
  • Maimoon Palace
  • Grand Mosque (Drive through)
  • Kesawan Street (Drive through)
  • Water Tower

Day 4: Departure – Medan

  • Merdeka Walk

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